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Although many homeowners rarely step back far enough to take a close look at the roof of their home, it is the first line of defense from the elements of nature. Not only do the raindrops hit there first, but the sun beats down on hot days as well. When a roof starts to deteriorate, it usually starts slowly with moss, lichen, debris piled up, and seeds starting to sprout in dirt deposited there. Here are just some of the great benefits of years doing roof pressure washing.

Your Roof Pressure Washed in Pensacola Will Last Longer If Done Right

Cleaning your roof of every last bit of dirt, moss, lichens, and eliminating debris in one way to help it last longer. Any kind of debris or growing plants helps to retain water on your roof and cause leaks because they allow water to seep up into the shingles. Not only that, but plants like mosses, fungi, and algae accelerate the decay of the shingles themselves with their roots and digestive enzymes. It’s a slow process, but a roof covered with moss won’t last 3/4 of the time that a clean one will.

One thing that the average homeowner does need to take note of, however, is that only a professional that has the right equipment, experience and knowledge should attempt to do roof pressure washing. Not only is there the danger of falling, but using too high of pressure will damage the roof. Professionals know exactly the right pressure to use to completely clean without causing damage.

You Could Save On Your Homeowners Insurance Too

In the past getting your home approved for the lowest cost policy wasn’t difficult but nowadays not so much. The insurance companies are insisting on photos of the roof from several angles before offering discounts.  This is because having a roof in poor condition is much more likely to have leaks during a storm. One of the obvious things that the insurance underwriters look for is moss, fungi, lichens, and algae growing on a roof. A clean roof shows the underwriter that the homeowner cares for their house and will be a good risk. Roof pressure washing can save you money on insurance.

While Your Roof Is Being Pressure Washed, Have The Sidewalks and Driveways Cleaned

Concrete is one of those hard materials the cleans up especially nicely when pressure washed. Concrete has a tendency to turn dark when damp due to the growth of black mold or mildew. A good driveway pressure washing will clean all of that concrete back to a nice, uniform, light gray color. This will usually last for a year or more before the mold has a chance to recover.

Pressure washing is also good for cleaning the growing weeds out of the expansion joints in your cement work. These joints are there to allow the concrete to expand and contract when wet, dry, hot, or cold, but they tend to fill up with dirt and grow hard to kill weeds. The high-pressure water cuts them to shreds and eliminates the dirt they are growing in as well.

If You Have A Pool Pressure Washing Is Your Savior

When you go to fill your pool in the spring, it’s usually covered with black slime and full of leaves. The best thing to do is have a power washer come and take out all the leaves then pressure wash all of the walls sparkling clean. It will take them but a fraction of the time since they have all the right tools, safety equipment, experience and knowledge to get the job done.

Schedule a pressure washing company to come and clean everything from your roof to your pool, and from your deck to your driveway, to cut your spring cleaning chores at least down to half.